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Indian Creek to Noble Canyon with Gushing Water and Wildflowers

Earlier this week, as a break from grading exams, I went up to Pine Valley to ride. Up the hard road to the tree and then on back to Indian Creek, served as a warm-up. Damn, was it pretty out there.

Indian Creek is one of my favorite trails, anywhere. Climbing up and being out in what feels like a remote and exposed trail where desert and mountains intersect, puts me in a happy and content place of being.

The weather was perfect — sunny and low 70s. A little wind kicked up here and there, which was nice for cooling my body.

I love dropping into this little spot.

On up to Noble and then down it. On the way down, I biked through clouds of lady bugs up top, reveled in the sound of gushing water and seeing small waterfalls, laughed aloud at goof ups and dabs, and emoted a few “hell yeahs” on other stuff I cleaned.

All the while, I did not see another human being.

i am loving the new bike

1 comment on “Indian Creek to Noble Canyon with Gushing Water and Wildflowers

  1. Stephen

    Such a beautiful spring, hope to be riding with you soon, Steve

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