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Prescott/Sedona Road Trip

I had some work to get done, in addition to grading stacks of exams! Prescott blew me away; I’ll go back.

Thumb Butte, Prescott, AZ

Sedona never gets old. Mescal is magic, plain and simple:

magical mescal

First time: ended up taking Outer Limits from Cockscomb and then went out on Last Frontier–opened up only 2+ weeks ago. It’s a big lollipop add-on, with some edgy-ledgy drop-offs, when doing the traditional “west side tour.” Other first time: Ant Hill in the Jordan/Grand Central/Adobe Jack area.

agaves and a mach 6 on ant hill

Oh!–Teacups are a blast. I forgot how much fun they are.

New bike = game changer.

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