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Never Better, as the Saying Goes

One take away from reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, for me, was the idea of: what really is better, or best … how do we know such a thing and why do we apply such terms/thoughts to it, whether it’s a hot dog, an umbrella, or a bike ride in mountains?

Who knows and who cares?!

I do know that yesterday’s ride in San Diego’s Laguna mountains was superb, with lots of sunshine and temps in low 60s.  I kept going and going, having a good ole time, though I goofed nearly every darn rock garden along the way.

Some days are better than others, huh?!

Whatever …

Up the country road to the wooded hill and up the “water bars” …

Then back down the swooping downhill to the county road > back up the county road to Chico and down > on over to Red Tail … I stopped to disassemble an dangerous log pile/A-frame someone built on only 1 side of a downed tree.  I pedaled into it and then quickly squeezed the brakes.  There was nothing on the other side, making for a 2-3 clean drop off on the other side of the downed tree.

Red Tail never disappoints, especially when it’s a little sloppy ….

I had then had lunch with the trees …

Down Red Tail and then on over towards Gatos, jumping in on the rock garden trail and working my way back up towards the wooded hill, taking the county road back down to the top of Gatos.

Down Gatos, giggling as I went.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Around the meadows and on back to Penny Pines, followed by a spin on the top of Noble.  The views out there are splendid, including the super long view of snow-capped San Gogornio.

Connector trail back towards the meadows …

Down the west side of the big meadow and then on around and back up to the car at the kiosk.

A glorious day, ’twas, y’all!

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