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Bobcat on the Hunt: Mist Trail, Yosemite

I saw the little one on the Mist Trail, surprised that it, too, was hiking up to see the falls:  Vernal and Nevada.  There s/he went, right on up the stairs.

likely a juvenile, mastering the stairs
still flowing, always good to see

On up to Nevada, I went, hikers stopping and marveling as the bobcat kept on-a-going.  How s/he he got up to the top of Vernal, I do not know.  S/he did, though, as a two stellar jays were a-squawking and makin’ a crazy commotion below Nevada Falls, which turns out was them sayin’, “Bobcat comin’ through.”  I turned over my shoulder to look at said jays, and lo’ and behol’, there was bobcat.

Other hikers were marvelin’ at the site, as was I, but also wonderin’:  why is this animal strolling along with the humans?

Next thing I knew, bobcat was on the hunt.

stalkin’ a chipmunk

restin’, unsuccessful
givin’ it another go, but result was no
lookin’ but no luck

S/he wandered off, so I did too.  One last look at those ears, though:

The view from up top of Nevada Falls:

On the way back down, a view of Nevada Falls:

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