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Editorial Team Member, Etc.

I recently got picked up as an editorial team member for Bicyclist Magazine, an independent magazine out of Irvine, CA that has been around since 1994.  They celebrate all-things-bikes, with my role being to bring more mountain biking writings to print and online.

Also, I’ve been added as an editorial team member for Snowshoe Magazine, an online publication that promotes snowshoeing as a healthy and sometimes adventurous winter activity.  They are based in northern Colorado, having a moniker titled: Break Your Own Trail.  I like that!

Finally, it’s looking like I’ll have a column with Adventure Sports Journal, which is located in Santa Cruz, CA.  More details to come on this one, meaning I’m not sure yet how regularly the column will run, as it has to do with budgeting (doesn’t it always?!).

I’m very thankful and feel quite fortunate to have these opportunities to further develop my writing.  The long road continues on, which is okay with me, as I don’t see the end of it anywhere up ahead from where I am now.

San Diego’s Laguna Mountains


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    Great post 😁

  2. Great news! Include me in a bike adventure

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