An out and back day hike from the Deer Springs Trailhead in Idyllwild, Suicide Rock had the feel of being in the Sierra Nevada.  It was a glorious spring day in the mountains, the kind where your feet feel lighter, almost as if the blue sky counters gravity.

Lots of people, including PCT through-hikers, were out and about in town, but on the trail, there weren’t but a few passersby along the way on this fine morning into the afternoon, as well as a small group of weekend backpackers.

The hike up to the junction was a bit strenuous, but not something that left me heaving for air.  After the split, hiking over to Suicide Rock was a true walk in the park.  Once up on top at the end of the trail, there was nothing to do but take in the view, sit and listen (heard rock climbers across the way … “onnn belaaaayyy”), eat a little food and drink some water, and soak up some sunshine.

Amidst the rugged and raw mountainous landscape, I thought of the wildlife that lived there, and that being a bird would be nice.


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