Buried in an electronic pile of papers to read, and waking up and realizing it was Earth Day, I all-of-a-sudden decided that I needed to go for a ride.  Off to Cuyamaca, I went.

stop and enjoy the flowers

Going around the “top” in the direction of La Cima, I came upon a horny toad, it being my second-ever sighting up there.

Along the way, I saw quail, a deer, turkeys, lots of lizards, but no snakes.  On over to Lucky 5, I pedaled the fat bike, wanting to get in some desert views.


yucca and fat

Some wildflowers were poppin’, like the endorphins in my body.  The day was high.

Back through and then down Upper Green Valley, was the route for the day, stopping one more time for flower-seeing.

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