He cannot say what he is saying and not have each and every person opposed to his words not counter them:  in our homes, with our families, friends, at work, on the street, at the bar, hanging out at the park, in the classroom, and on and on.

The truth is this:  he speaks hate.

The truth is this, too:  most of us are not hateful.

Speak to the second truth to counter his power, rendering it ineffective.  No, I do NOT care if your stock portfolio is growing sky high and you want more of it.  You will die with money in your account while tacitly supporting hate.

Some photos of African dreamers (including me):

Ngor Right, Dakar, Senegal

the boats are back from the morning work session, dakar, senegal

engineer. industrialist. craftsman. physicist. mechanic. math whiz.

working together to solve problems. somali refugee camp, ethiopia

working together to solve problems, and having a moment of laughter while doing so. addis ababa, ethiopia

independent writer

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