10 Years On and Going Nowhere?

As I ease into the new year, the understanding that Earth and its inhabitants exist in a moment in time looks clearer when viewed from a space where a meteor crashed into our blue ball in a blip of that time, ending the age of dinosaurs.

New life evolved and some from that time survived the aftermath.   Some are coming and some are going.

10 years on the world wide web, I’ve been, and a lot of what’s here is dead.  A lot has been said, and a lot has gone unheard.  What else is there to say?

I’m not all that excited to see what evolves in this space, perhaps curious being a better word.   Curious, I am, to see what moves left to right across the screen in front of me, characters making words making sentences making paragraphs that with a push of a button sends my thoughts on this going and coming with fellow English-reading humans on our shared planet.

Hello, Earthlings!

Like wheels on the bus going round and round, we get on with it.  Who’s driving the bus, though, and do we have a spare when a tire goes flat?

Should we change that tire, or get off the bus and walk?

I guess it depends on where we’re going.  For sure, I can tell you, I haven’t a clue where this little blog is going.




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