There’s no rhyme or reason to the photos, except that they are on my flip phone from the summer months:

on the road in southeast idaho, head in the clouds, through the windshield

on bike, on the edge of wilderness, red fish lake area, idaho

red fish lake, idaho

kern river, kernville, ca

One of my favorite places on Earth:

oh, what a feeling, going under a bit

angelique kidjo, by way of benin, west africa, with the san diego symphony

a favorite desert plant, the ocotillo, ever whimsical, sedona, az

Funny thing, sort of:  I have been stopped and asked and called over probably something like 10 times, people asking me about my flip phone, saying they’d like to be able to go back to that kind of phone, that they don’t like their big smart phone, that they wish they could get rid of it, that they would like to buy a simple phone … maybe 10, out of possibly hundreds that have seen my flip phone.  Still, for those that say something, they account for those …

Anyway …

el camp, yosemite

humans waiting to slide waves, pacific beach, san diego, ca


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