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Mile High in the Laguna Sky

A sunny Saturday morning in the cool air of the Laguna Mountains riding a bike, is what makes me high.  I rode ’em all–Chico, Red Tail, Gatos, the connectors, the top of Noble, and the Meadows.  I needed to burn off some beer calories, so I pedaled hard, adding in some beer miles too–the ones you tack on to compensate for the next beers.

All that lupine was nice:

goin’ down chico
on the way over to red tail

After going back to Penny Pines, I went up Noble.  A family with 3 kids were on it!  How great is that?!  A boy, about age 10, was stopped by the side of the trail, yanking on his chain.  It was jammed behind his rear cassette.  We got it undone, and he hopped back on and quickly stood up, mashing away on the climb.  Loved it!

view from noble
the meadows

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