Spring Hiking Blue Blazes off the Appalachian Trail at Michaux

The hike up Tumbling Run to the waterfall was great, likely being somewhere around 15 years or more since I last was there.

My cousin hadn’t hiked it before; along the way on the path that hugs the stream he kept saying:  this is a beautiful trail.  No doubt about that.  We climbed barefoot up the waterfall, the cold water refreshing us from the humidity and heat.

We then went over and hiked Pole Steeple.  I was very happy to find mountain laurel that was flowering.  It was tucked in on the side of the cliff, the sun warming the rocks, the warm rock likely being the reason this little patch had flowers while all the laurel in the area was still not in the bloom stage.

The view of Laurel Lake from the top of Pole Steeple:

This area is the half-way point of the Appalachian Trail:

There’s a marker on the trail for the true half-way point.

The day ended with an always-gotta-stop for a soft serve cone:

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  1. Seems like a beautifully scenic walk!!
    The first couple photos especially – really provides great insight into the hike!

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