I’m fortunate.  As this moment, I have 4 articles in 4 different magazines sitting in newsstands, spaces by the toilet, e-folders on devices, and perhaps a bike shop work bench or two.  They all are related to biking and travel.

Up in the Lagunas last Friday, the trees spoke to me:

It is time to write fiction.  I’ve long been feeling it, but haven’t acted on it.  Short story sketches and novel ideas litter desk drawers in the form of scribbled notes on scrap paper.

I do have assignments for mountain biking magazines lined up for this summer. That creative outlet will continue.  Again, I am fortunate.  Thank you to the editors.

Why fiction?  I read a lot of books–fiction and non-fiction.  With fiction, I think I can have the flexibility through character development and an approachable plot to shed some light on our shared humanity.  Sure, it’s likely been said before, but perhaps not in the words and phrases and settings and dialogue that I hope to conjure up.

My motivation:  I have to get it out, express it.  Whether anyone reads it, at this point, is not my motivation.

Bullshit!  I want you to read it.

Over the next 6 months, my focus will be on writing a collection of short stories.  It will be less focused here, meaning this website.  Postings will be a little sporadic, as a heads up.

Looking forward to seeing where the path takes me.

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