Rhabdomyolysis and MTB

Coming out in the next issue of Dirt Rag (#198) is my account (Almost Dead!) of experiencing Rhabdomyolysis while mountain biking.  A lot has been learned since then on my part, and with regard to fat biking, I’m not certain that riding/pushing/carrying a fat bike on those trails was the “culprit,”  as I stated in the article.  I’ve done a lot of fat biking since, had done a fair amount prior, and I also single speed mountain bike, and I have a full suspension geared bike.  30-50 miles rides before and after the Rhabdo event, as I call it now, went as such rides go:  sometimes feel great, sometimes not, and a lot of times somewhere in between.

I check my urine color all the time now when riding.  My malaria ordeal is now not a part of my barometer on checking urine color, as I talked about in the article.

How things set up leading to and including those 2 days in Berryessa is a mystery of sorts.  I do take more rest days now, and I’m now swimming regularly at the pool for some cross-training.

One thing for sure is:  I haven’t forgotten how scared I was when I was laying on the trail.

fat biking (post rhabdo) up the long climb of pinyon mountain road, anza borrego desert, ca (photo credit: chano)


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