I got up to the Lagunas for an outing, working my around Chico and Red Tail and that nice piece of single track below Wooded Hill, followed by coming back around to go down Gatos.  The mountains are greening.  Soon, the wildflowers up in the mile-high sky will be popping.

Cuyamaca Peak

On around the meadows, I went.  The main lake was looking great, waterfowl swimming and flying about in the warm sun rays.

Down to Penny Pines and up Noble Canyon Trail, was the next segment.  I really like this short section of trail, complete with snow capped mountain views this time of year:

Penny Pines is that way

Going “down” Noble

San Gorgonio (L) and San Jacinto (R)

It was a splendid 2.5 hours.  It always is.

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