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Desert Wildflower Super Bloom: Sheep and Cougar Canyons

After reaching Sheep Canyon, one of my favorite places on planet Earth (!), I began my pedal-trip back the way I came.  First, I stopped to get a few photos of the green mountains around Cougar Canyon.

cougar canyon is tucked in on the right, out of view, in the distance
if you click the photos, you get a bigger picture

A photo (below) looking the other way, meaning in the direction that I had come, which is Coyote Canyon, which kind of runs in a northwest to southeast direction.

Back in this area, the elevation is higher, so there were fewer flowers at this time.  Nevertheless, if I slowed down and looked around, I could see they were starting to emerge.

To appreciate them from another viewpoint, get down on the ground!

6 comments on “Desert Wildflower Super Bloom: Sheep and Cougar Canyons

  1. The Wild Wayfarer

    Wow, what stunning landscapes! You must have felt really at one with nature here 🙂

    • James Murren, Writer

      Indeed! It’s why I go 🙂 The desert is beautiful.

  2. George VDD

    Photos like these make me excited for my trip out west this summer!
    These are some great shots!

    • James Murren, Writer

      Thanks, George! I’m originally from PA, and love Appalachia and the cities back east. In some ways, though, the whole idea of “the West is Best” resonates with me,when we’re talking landscapes. Happy traveling! –jim

  3. I was just out there. Hope you caught the hornworm migration! It was awesome!

    • James Murren, Writer

      I saw a few that last time I was there. I heard they are everywhere now!

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