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Travel Tip and Blog Update: No Ads and No Social Media

For several years, this site has been free of advertisements.  Now, I have gone social media-free, too.  What does that mean?  My blog postings will not be shared by me via social media.  I’m not using it anymore, which means you won’t find links to what were my social media accounts on this website.

I am not saying that blog followers have to follow suit.  The little buttons are still on the site.  What’s this about?  I simply don’t vibe well with those media outlets for writing.   I find social media to be tiring and distracting, and at this point in time, not what I’m looking for when continuing on this writing path.  I’m focusing my energy on other creative projects, e.g. a book, possibly two.

It doesn’t mean that I’m anti-social media.  Not at all.  I certainly recognize the power that social media can have to influence positive change, and that like many things, it can be used in less positive light as well.   How the power is harnessed and used matters.

Anyway … since you’re here, here’s a travel trip I share with family and friends:

When looking for that “something” to bring back from your travels, go to the local food markets and look/ask around for pottery/ceramics.  Tell him/her that you’re not looking for things that tourists buy in specialty shops, but rather what locals buy and use in their homes.  For example, this photo below shows a dish/bowl that I bought in a market in Minas Gerais, Brasil for USD$ 2.00.  It’s great for fruit, and often times is the avocado bowl.

Brazil ceramic

And also since you’re here … Cheers to traveling and being in the moment!

Insurgente, Tijuana, Mexico

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