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December Book Slashing

I’m dropping the prices of my books during the month of December to what is the lowest price permitted by Amazon.  Why?  I’m celebrating some recent good writing news that you’ll hear about in early 2017!

Print copies are now $6.00, and e-copies are $3.00.  If you were to purchase a paperback via Amazon, you get the electronic download for Free.  The electronic versions of the books have color photos, while the paperbacks have black/white photos.

Paperbacks and e-books on Amazon, and if you have a Kindle, or have/want to download the Kindle viewer on your machine/device:

Paperbacks if you do not want to buy it from the Amazon site:

E-books for all files other than Kindle:

If you think someone you know would be interested in the books, you have my permission to pass this blog post on to others.  Share it with whoever you want!

Peace out.


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