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History of Wine: Republic of Georgia to Baja, Mexico

I needed to use the bathroom at the Museum of Wine in Valle de Guadalupe.  At the bottom of the stairs, I passed through the doors and noticed on my right the national flag of the Republic Georgia.  I could not believe it!

To the bathroom, I went.  When done, I went into the free part of the museum.  There it was:  Georgia is the birthplace of wine.

I ran back out to the car to get the camera, thinking of my time in Tbilisi and wanting people there to see the photos.  So, here I am on the blogosphere posting a couple pictures.

Yes, it is true:  wine was first created/made in Georgia, and my experience there tells me that Georgians, unbeknownst to many, can easily stand toe-to-toe with any Spaniard, Italiano, or Frenchie … or Argentinian, I guess, on a night of wine and food and revelry!

More about Georgian wine history, traveler experience, and photos are here :


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