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MTB Doubleshot with a Burrito Chaser (1 of 2)

I like riding alone, especially on idyllic autumn days.  The car’s thermometer reading of the air outside of it measured 55 degrees F when I put the car into park.  Perfect.

Up the Old County Rd to Chico … a nice little warm up, it was.  Down Chico, it never disappoints:

Chico Ravine, Laguna Mountains, San Diego

At the bottom, I pedaled all the way over to Red Tail without seeing anyone.  Solitude is nice.

Laguna Mountains, San Diego

On up Red Tail, where a little after where the re-route connects back into the old trail, I saw the biggest, bushiest tail I’ve ever seen on a fox.  S/he hopped through the grasses, the brown/black fur disappearing in seconds.  Gone.  Happy, in a peaceful/nature is wonderful kind of way, was me.

Red Tail Roost Trail, San Diego

Done with Red Tail, I went over and up to Los Gatos and then down.  Gatos always makes me smile.  I rolled the skinnies and squashed as many rocks as I could find.

Los Gatos Trail, Laguna Mountains

I encountered a few hikers at the bottom of Gatos, and then another group going around the meadows, along with parents and their daughter of youth on bikes.  Positive vibrations abounded, no doubt due to the glorious weather and natural beauty that soaked into our beings.

Meadows loop, fat happy, and thinking:  Would make a great table.

Laguna Meadows

Back at the car, I decided I wasn’t done for the day.   Noble Canyon was calling my name.  The car’s thermometer now said 62 degrees F.  Driving down the mountain and through Pine Valley, on back to the trail head, it rose to 65 degrees.

A little hunger grumbled in my stomach.  I ate a little bit of energy bar, deciding that a burrito afterwards was necessary.

(part 2 coming tomorrow)

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