Bowie and Prince: Life Goes On/We Are Alive

Remember when David Bowie and Prince died and some of your good friends expressed how devastated they were and that they were such huge fans, despite that you never once heard them talk about either artist, or play one of their songs, or show you an album cover?  It had me thinking that maybe the outpouring of emotion had more to do with wanting to be part of something, in a time when we all might be a little out of touch, even though we have all of this “social” media and cool technology.

Here we are nearing the end of the calendar year.  How many times have we heard a Bowie or Prince song on the radio?  How many times have we played one on our preferred listening device(s)?

Life goes on, is what some people say.  Maybe that’s what this is about … that sometimes things come along that cause us to pause, that connect us to who we are, that takes us to a different place … for a moment … and then … life goes on …

Which brings me to the photos below and to your left:  perhaps those who seek waves to ride understand this better than most of us.  Waves pass under them.  On occasion, they catch it at that precise moment and ride it.

Waves pass on … Life goes on … sometimes we catch it all just right … and when we do …

We Are Alive.




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