Senegal’s Madd Fruit

Madd is a wild fruit that grows in the forests of Casamance in southern Senegal.  It tastes great, once you add a little sugar to it, or even salt and pepper, as do the people living there.  It’s packed with goodness, likely to be a “super fruit” once the marketeers and foodie geeks figure it out!

Cut off the top, add sugar, and “spoon” out the pits/seeds.  Suck on ’em, enjoying the fruit.  Spit the pits out on the ground.

I sat in a very comfy chair and ate half of a madd fruit, giving the other half to an adorable little boy.  He shared some with his Dad.

Sharing — while in the villages, it was beautiful to see sharing of food, snacks, make-shift toys, water, tea, peanuts, conversation, ideas, etc between the kids.  From what I could see, it was commonplace.  It was how things are in the village.  Their way of life.

Or, maybe they were on their best behavior because the visitors were in town!

Senegal's Madd Fruit

Senegal's Madd Fruit

Casamance Chair

Senegal's Madd Fruit


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    Great post!

  2. mukul chand

    thanks to you learnt of a new fruit. great pics too.

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