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Taking a Break

Hello, everyone!

While riding yesterday, I decided that I needed a break from the blog to focus my creative energies on other writing projects that I’ve been working on, but not in earnest.  I was feeling it for a couple of months and am now acting on it. I’ve a few biking magazine assignments lined up over the next couple of months as well, along with needing to prepare/read/research for two pieces that I will write while in Dakar and Nairobi later this year.   For Dakar, if I am able to pull it off, it will be a “HUGE” publication with regard to where the article will appear.  I have to submit excellence.  Otherwise, it will not go to print.  Pressure’s on, something I’ve not felt before, not like this … and I will admit … I want this one to happen and, yes, it will be an ego stroke!

Check back mid-to-late summer (USA seasonal calendar!), when I’ll likely be back on here.



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