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Imagining Spring

When you get out on this land, you see that water is around, albeit still not as plentiful as in other parts of the country. Regardless, as I turn pedals or step one foot in front of the other in the Cuyamacas, I often think of indigenous peoples of yesteryear and their knowledge of water sources as seasons change.   Water, of course, has its many life-giving and life-affirming qualities.  Too, it can take life.

Seeing this pool of water for the first time, with Stonewall Peak’s backside in the distance, I was happy when thinking of the animals that surely use it to quench their thirsts, rest their feathered wings, swim in the sun’s diffused rays of light …

Imagine native peoples here, celebrating spring … celebrating life …

Cuyamaca Mountains, CA

The photo to the left is the scene if you look left from the vantage point of this photo above with the water.  A small stream flows down through the rocky terrain.

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