wake and make coffee

easy-going morning, no rush

build a small fire to

enjoy the slow pace


saddle up and get on to

the single track and follow it

for 4-5 hours, along the way

gun shots ring out from below

target shooters having

their good time

Black Canyon Trail, AZ

cattle guard crossings here and there, i

goof one and get caught up on it,

holding on and waiting for help to

get uncaught, the weight of the bike

too much for me to handle while

trying to not fall on to the barbed wire


river crossing, stop and cool off

sit in the flowing water, sun high

heats our bodies while we put

shoes and socks back on before

splashing across and then up the

switchback for more tight trail

Black Canyon Trail, AZ

Black Canyon Trail, AZ

Black Canyon Trail, AZ

the riding is more strenuous than day one

legs feeling it, seeking to arrive to

the cafe with many pies, though

i’m thinking of a meal when we drop

down and make our way over, where

we find a bbq and motorcycle festival

of sorts going on, with live music


pitcher of beer, followed by bottles of ipa

salad and chicken and loaded potato skins

on the patio, superb people watching and

nothing else really to do, except refill our

water supply at the gas station and buy

a six-pack of ipa for the evening, set up

camp by the trail head and rest well

Black Canyon Trail, AZ

Black Canyon Trail, AZ

Black Canyon Trail, AZ

independent writer

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