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Surly Marge Lite/Nate Tubeless Conversion

If you glean the interwebs, there’s plenty of info on how to convert Marge Lites to tubeless.  I went with using the Clown Shoes rim strip method.  I did not remove the Marge Lite rim strips.

I did use tubes to seat the beads, then removed the tubes, leaving only one bead set.  The key, I found, for getting both beads to set in super tight/fill fast with air was using ratchet straps to push the tires down on the rims.  Doing that, the tires inflated super fast with a heavy blast of air from the compressor.  Insert the valve core real quick, and it worked out fine.  Sealant added in easy peezy.

Air held all day yesterday, overnight, and through a 10 mile ride this morning at Mission Trails.  Tomorrow, the real test:  a longer ride in the Cuyamacas.  Keep you posted!

Surly Marge Lite/Nate Tubeless
Surly Marge Lite/Nate Tubeless

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