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Sheep Canyon Bike Pack Overnighter

an idyllic weather forecast for the borrego

a text came in, a bunch more were sent

half-days off work were set up, and then

more messages flying around, obvious

excitement in the air–bikes, camping, desert

beer in the borrego

seven cans of beer in my pack,

seven cans of beer, we three

drink some down, and drink

down some more, plus a few

from another pack, nine

empty cans to carry back

photo credit: steve b.
photo credit: steve b.

sunset watching, hanging out, not

a thing to do except enjoy the

evening turn to starry desert

night, resting and sleeping in

sheep canyon, anza borrego

Sheep Canyon, Pit Toilet

wake, eat, pack up, hit the

latrine on the way out, and

get on our way to wandering

around the desert for a while

Bike Packing Coyote Canyon

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  1. Wonderful Shots..♥

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