So Many Signs

I heard about the signs and fences up top on the Anderson Truck Trail, but wasn’t sure exactly where I’d run into them.  Well, there they were, impossible to not see it all.

Anderson Truck Trail

Capitan Grande Tribal Government

Some cool trails are now clearly marked as off limits.  Oh well.  I mean, if native peoples need to do such things to take complete ownership of their land, so be it.  History knows much of their land has been stolen from them.

At Lake Hodges, there was more than one of these signs posted on the trail:

Lake Hodges. San Diego County.

Lake Hodges. San Diego County.

Do we need that?  If you’re hiking, you’re clearly going to see the ruts, right?  If you’re on a bike, same thing goes, right?  If not, and, well, if you crash … lesson learned, right? I get the “… land managers … public safety … litigious society … blah blah blah … ” thing.

Still, all these signs saying this or that and be warned, and of course–thinking of the military’s crackdown on mountain bikers here in San Diego (are there enough signs, where are the signs, no sign on that trail, it’s over there, where, i don’t see it, don’t tell me you didn’t see it) …

Yep, ” sign sign everywhere a sign” as the song says.


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