Day 9. Ride 9. : Oakzanita Peak and Environs

We parked at Sweetwater, so as to take advantage of starting out on single track down to East Mesa.  Slow pedaling, we took our time going up East Mesa, where a few turns of the cranks before the Oakzanita turn-off, 4 guys rolled by on their way over to Indian Creek.

Going up Oakzanita, 5 mountain bikers — 4 men and 1 woman — were coming down from the peak, and it was only 8:45 in the morning.  All of this activity on East Mesa was great to see, adding to the beauty that is the natural environment in these parts.

Back at the fire road after descending, 2 more guys and a woman were on bikes going in the direction of the camp.  Including us, that was the most riders I’d seen on East Mesa.  What a great morning!

We passed by them and went into the back country, one of my favorite areas of the Cuyamacas.

Gold.  Blue.  Green.  Winter light up there, as the sun slides down the early evening sky, is an experience you should add to your list of “I wanna do that someday.”

Going back down the way we came, as always, the descent seemed to go on forever.  Often, as you are feathering the brakes, you ask yourself:  did I really climb up all of  this?

Big grin riding lives in the in-between-land of the Cuyamacas and Lagunas.

Done.  9 days of dreams-do-come-true riding.  Sierra Buttes was on my list for a while, and I can say with great certainty that I will go back and ride again there.  Lower Rock Creek–I’m doing that again too.  Hole in the Ground: yep, that’s another one I’d like to roll and bounce around on for a few hours.

Meanwhile, the Lagunas and Cuyamacas will serve as my MTB playground.  See you out there!

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