Day 6. Ride 6. : Downieville Downhill via 2nd Divide

newer swoopy up top

but butcher was far

more enjoyable, despite

a wrong line and unclip

and dabs along the way

a good sign
a good sign

up pauley creek for some

diversion and xc riding

more my flavor, turning

back after a ways up

had to stop here and listen to the

music, as there is nothing that is

“better” than the sound of water

making its way through the mountains

2nd divide was our choice,

looking for more tech and the

edge, again a dismount of no

shame when gears wouldn’t

line up, and again, a few dabs

down and up and down and up

and down and over to the final

run down the mountain into

town, fun–yep, it was, but

i was left a little underwhelmed

mostly due, most likely, to not

having the proper rig and having

to pick may way down the

mountain, or maybe i simply

prefer slow, rocky, chunky cross-

country mountain biking


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