Blue-eyed Darner Dragonfly

Coming out of the visitors center bathroom, I found this guy:

Photo credit:  Steve B.
Photo credit: Steve B.

He was dead, but was a really nice specimen. We decided to sit him on a piece of bark at the entrance to the visitors center so that someone might see him and use him as part of the insect display inside.

Hopefully he wasn’t eaten in the meantime.

We then went for a long ride:

Red Tail–over to the top of Los Gatos, down Gatos–east side Meadows and on to Penny Pines–Sunrise Highway up to Pine Mountain–over to Champagne Pass–down and up to Noble–left on Noble and connector to Meadows–west side Meadows and down/around/up to the kiosk/county road–County Road up to Chico–all the way down Chico–across/over to Red Tail for the final push back up to the car.

Never Better = MTB in the Laguna Mountains

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