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Freedom Weekend in Color

Three rides in three days, was a good bit of play. While out there, I worked through some obstacles that have nagged for some time:

This “freedom isn’t free” thing has been driving me nuts. What does that even mean? Are we talking about “free” in a dollars/value sense? Commodification? The costs of protection?

Is it about bloodshed? Spilled blood, really? Is that it? Death and maimed humans?

If that’s freedom, I don’t want it.

Is it that black and white?


What about all the other ways, and the people involved, that work for and protect freedom? Teachers, homeless shelter workers, domestic violence victims’ advocates, soup kitchen volunteers, Peace Corps volunteers, human rights workers, civil rights advocates, social justice practitioners, firefighters, public servants in various capacities, and on and on …


Is “freedom isn’t free” only about the war machine?

After three rides on freedom weekend, I gave the bikes a many-months-due bath. I watched the USA women’s team win the World Cup–more freedom, e.g. Title IX.


Hammocks and bikes provide me some freedom too. Hundreds of books read while slung away, keeping my mind free-thinking … thousands of miles pedaled away, keeping my mind free-dreaming.

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