Bike shop staff look at you differently than when you enter with your geared bike. Wheels are trued right away, despite being told on the phone that service is a few days out at the moment.

Random riders come over and chat at the trailhead. Curious.

A mentioning of riding one gear elicits that step-back, look-you-over, you-are-different, he-likes-pain facial response when you are asked/talk bikes over beers with new-found friends.

I don’t get it though. I really don’t. I find riding single speed to be a lot of fun, in some ways easier, and not painful, though perhaps/arguably a little more strenuous. There isn’t anything angry about it for me. In fact, I smile a lot when single speed mountain biking.

What’s the point? I like single speed mountain biking and I don’t get the fuss over it. Big deal.

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