Thoughts on Single Speed MTB: Big Deal

Bike shop staff look at you differently than when you enter with your geared bike. Wheels are trued right away, despite being told on the phone that service is a few days out at the moment.

Random riders come over and chat at the trailhead. Curious.

A mentioning of riding one gear elicits that step-back, look-you-over, you-are-different, he-likes-pain facial response when you are asked/talk bikes over beers with new-found friends.

I don’t get it though. I really don’t. I find riding single speed to be a lot of fun, in some ways easier, and not painful, though perhaps/arguably a little more strenuous. There isn’t anything angry about it for me. In fact, I smile a lot when single speed mountain biking.

What’s the point? I like single speed mountain biking and I don’t get the fuss over it. Big deal.

1 comment on “Thoughts on Single Speed MTB: Big Deal

  1. themikeyjayjay

    Couldn’t agree more, my friends just don’t understand it.
    You can’t beat the raw simplicity and fun factor that goes with it.

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