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Free Form Friday: Burnin’ and Lootin’

Burnin’: Trees. So we can eat. Mountains. So we can energize ourselves, our way of life, and we want more.

Lootin’: From conference tables in board rooms. People’s wallets and pocket books less heavy, while bank accounts for a tiny few get fatter. Hands reach in, but we cannot see them, and steal tomorrow.

Burnin’: Dreams. Up in flames and into the atmosphere.

Lootin’: Benefits and rights of the worker sliding away, like melting snowpack.

Burnin’: Ideas. Dialogue lost to polarization, ignited by media that is driven by ratings and not seeking answers.

Lootin’: Making news out of nothing at all, and getting paid for it. Meanwhile, we lose our fourth estate.

Burnin’: Kids’ futures.

Lootin’: Income gap grows wider and wider.

Burnin’: Bombs. Bullets. Skin. Ripped. Seared. Evaporated.

Lootin’: Resources. Earth.

Flames rise up. People take without paying. A silent violence spreads across the land.

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