A well-dressed young couple sitting at the table next to the table where I am sitting decides it is a good time for their husky to practice her training skills. Dog treats come out and they proceed to get it to bark, once or twice depending on the hand signals, as well as sit down and offer a paw. Passersby smile, along with other brewery patrons. A boy, around age ten, comes over and asks if he can pet the dog.

Smartphones are pulled out and the couple takes photos of each other with their dog. The young man then motions for the dog to jump on his chest, front legs up over his shoulders. They smile and laugh, and it seems the dog does too. The man then starts playing rough with the husky, slapping softly at its head, putting his fist in the dog’s mouth, grabbing and holding the animal’s lower jaw. Snarls and growls abound, but it’s all in good fun.

I down the rest of my beer and get up to get another one. The dog play gets a little rougher in the time it takes to get a beer. Dog hair is now flying in the air. The couple is enjoying their afternoon. More photos are taken. The young boy has since moved away from the dog, though. He and others watch from a safe distance.

A guitarist sitting at another table watches through his sunglasses. He strums a few chords.

Dog training and play time suddenly seem to end, just like that. I see that they have no more beer in their glasses. Maybe they are going to leave. I hope so.

They do, but not before she walks the dog in front of everyone while he snaps more photos.

Mamut Brewery.  Pasaje Rodriguez. Tijuana, Mexico.

Mamut Brewery. Pasaje Rodriguez. Tijuana, Mexico.

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