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I Brake for Bunnies

Riding down double-track, I saw out in front of me a small, grey rock with ears. I moved to the right-side track and stopped.


Worried that a hawk might see the baby bunny huddled in plain view, I tapped my foot next to him/her until s/he scooted into the grasses. Of course, my next thought was, maybe a snake is watching us. Then I thought, hopefully a coyote isn’t watching either!

Nature. I then accepted the bunny’s possible fate, but was a happy in knowing that, at least, s/he wouldn’t be run over by a vehicle or bike.

Unless it hopped back out in the forest road.

Back on the bike, I continued my ride up Indian Creek to Champagne Pass. It was a beautiful late morning in the Lagunas. Between Champagne Pass and Pioneer Mail looking south gives you this view along the way:



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