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Florida Canyon, San Diego: MTB Single Speed

Florida Canyon in San Diego’s Balboa Park has a fun, little network of trails for mountain biking, trail running and walking. They aren’t technical or difficult. For me, they are perfect for spinning 32 x 17 on a few rounds of a circuit that I worked out over the past year or so. On a clear day, when the marine layer isn’t hanging over the coast, you can see Mexico’s Coronado Islands from the topside of the canyon. The flowers are great for the eye too!


2 comments on “Florida Canyon, San Diego: MTB Single Speed

  1. Dennis once made me a frittata out of those flowers when he visited me in La Unión. (-: He soaked them in salt water for 12 minutes prior to putting them in with the eggs. It was delicious! (-:

    • James Murren

      Whoa! 12 minutes exact?! LOL:-) It does sound yummy!

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