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I’m Sorry New Orleans

i’m sorry new orleans
for not having a good
time with you despite
how much i wanted to

i tasted your culinary
delights and walked
your streets day and
night, took in some
music and had a few
drinks along the way

why do you allow
outsiders to come in
and get trashed and
trash and disrespect
your city while doing so


i’m sorry new orleans
for being sad and
not having a good time
which likely had more
to do with my memories
of west africa that
bubbled up with fervor
around every corner that i
turned, yet not seeing
any references to it
until i went to jean
lafitte where it was
at least acknowledged


please remove that one
history book from all
the tourist shops that
talks about how well-
treated the slaves of
new orleans were and
how they had it so good
compared to other slaves
and that they were free
to dance and sing once
a week at congo square


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