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Just Outstanding, and Then Some

Weeks have gone by, and notes have been scratched and tossed away to the bin.  No words, is what I’m getting at with this one, other than…

Thank you, Sam.  Thank you, Jeff.   Thank you, Jeffer-er!


Cannell done, and then Shuttle Bob’d to JO and on to Rocky Gulch in a roundabout way to then Wall Street and on up to Dutch Flat and then down, down, down, down, down…with tired and worn out arms and legs and psyche into the Snake Pit…my gawd…day 6 with one more to go.

Biggest week I’ve undertaken, and then some.

Yes, thank you.  Big smile on my face.

Que viva the unknown MTB in front of you!

DSCN1866 P1010383 P1010390 P1010397 P1010400 P1010401 P1010403 P1010405 P1010411 P1010414

All photos eyeballed and snapped by LedPedal, except for the photo of him, and other others I’m not so sure of because I’m too lazy to check due to beer imbibe at this point in the evening.

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