Anderson Truck Trail: Not for Trucks, but MTB Yes

It was humid.  The skies were still in a “monsoon” state of being.  We got on out to Alpine to ride up the Anderson Truck Trail, so that we could then ride it back down, with a side trip on F Wada, where the downhillers play, and where Frank Wada died earlier this year.  Peace be with you, Frank. We climbed to the top, and then took the easier descent lines, still having to walk every now and then, especially on a section after F Wada when I made a “wrong” turn. El Capitan Reservoir was quite a site:

Photo credit:  Shark
Photo credit: Shark

As we neared the top, we happened upon a distressed driver who was wrongly advised to take a shortcut on the Anderson Truck Trail down into town.  WTF?  Whoever told the driver to do that doesn’t know the “road.” We got the driver out of their stuck predicament.  Realizing that they didn’t have it in 4×4, we got it locked in, and they went back the way they came.

A change of pace ride day, it was.  Maybe it was like those enduro ride things people are geeking about of late.  (???) It was a fast ride back to the car, except for that slight uphill up and out to the road.

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