Lil’ France Park All Big Now

Little France Park in northcentral Indiana has some 8 miles or so or less of trails, most of which could be described as “beginner-friendly” for mountain biking. The other not “most” sections of the trails that make France Park “all big now” run along limestone cliffs of a quarry, providing an experience that is a true rugged, rocky, technical, “mountain” bike ride!

FP is fast becoming my favorite Indiana mtb destination. For 2 bucks I get entry into the park, can ride on little traveled trails that can be rooty, tight and twisting, and wide and fast, with a few short, punchy climbs. And rolling along the quarries that are so darned scenic simply feels good. Add on that when I’m done, I can swim in the quarry to cool off, or, if I’d rather shower off, hot water showers are available at no extra cost. Grab a burger at the “beachside cafe” and the day gets even better!

Finally, riding up on the cliff overlooking the quarry and seeing those immense, pre-historic-looking, mysterious spoonbill sturgeon near the water’s surface, dark shadows warming in the sun, long noses extending away from the body mass, and I am reminded of how miniscule my time here truly is.




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