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i go to the grocery store and buy organic bananas, so as to not feel guilty for buying the toxic ones picked by the brown skins…not the nfl red skins, mind you…all because i read a book and saw banana plantations in honduras and costa rica over the years and justified that a dime or two more per pound meant i was supporting some kind of justice.

organic.  fair price.

fuck that.

nicaraguans treated like the shit we treat immigrants picking apples and tomatoes in the u.s. of a, only they are in costa rica seeking a better life and not the land of righteous and exceptional, but are in costa rica, a country that is offering citizenship now to the nicos, well, if they get in line in time and file the paperwork correctly, assuming they can read and write.

at least they, if time permits, can get a legal permit to work for wages that are better than their homeland situation, but are not enough to amount to any kind of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

it all sucks.

why throw in abe lincoln?  because trade policy crafted in our interests, meaning me and you–north americans of the stars and stripes–keep people down, while we pursue our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

how fucking awful that we can’t have two houses or a bank loan to own 2500 square feet of “home” for a one-kid family at a rate below 5%?  how straining it is to pay taxes to support public education too?

wait, honey, we can’t go out to eat tonight for the 3rd time this week.  we can’t afford it.

good.  eat pbj, and smile, and know that your belly is full and that bombs are not being dropped on your town while your human family sits around in offices and decides if it’s a civil war, a human rights case, or if it’s politically justifiable to do something.

my beer tastes good.  does your wine?

in the aguan valley

humans fight for land

to feed their family

as bullets pierce their skin

maybe we can all accept that life is unfair, that people living on this orb live shitty lives.  sure, they smile, and we can surmise something like:  they don’t have much, but they smile and are happier than we are, those of us in the west.


they want to give their kids a home, an education, food to eat, and not have to lie down at night and pray to their god that tomorrow will bring them a better peace of mind.

ask your neighbors…in east st. louis, south chicago, the mountain communities on the new river gorge, wv…and the everyday towns like hanover, pa.

they’ll tell you too:  we did as we were brought up to do, we played by the rules, and still…we got fucked.

so, go ahead and vote…

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