Adams Co, PA Peace Corps

An effort back home is documenting local residents who served in the Peace Corps.  Here’s an excerpt of my contribution:

A student of U.S. foreign policy at Penn State, specifically U.S. policy in Central America, I wanted to get to the region.  A vein of social justice running through me that was born from my upbringing, though not in that philosophy but more in practicality, I applied to Peace Corps to give something back to those that had been wronged by my government.  When I was first offered a position in North Africa to raise rabbits, I seriously doubted Peace Corps’ seriousness in placing qualified Volunteers in the appropriate positions. I said, no, to that position, and asked for something in Latin America, considering my academic and language background.  I waited.

The call came in to Utz Potato Chips while I was dumping a white plastic garbage can of Kettle Classics, plain not barbecue, into the hopper.  I walked to the office and picked up the phone receiver.
“How about Honduras?”
“I’ll take it.”
To learn more about my experience in Honduras, go to:  http://vagoscribe.com/honduras/

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