Hand-pulled Espresso!

Driving north through central-east Indiana on the way to see Ricky Skaggs work his wonder in Shipshewana, we passed through a John Cougar-sized small town called Pierceton where the Blue Lion Coffee sign had me turning left for a quick cup of caffeine.  When we walked in, we knew we found something special.  And when I saw the brass, hand-pull espresso machine, I knew I was going to be very happy, very soon.

I snapped some photos as they prepped the machine and beans.  It was my first hand-pull espresso experience.  He handed me the dark coffee bean juice.  It smelled rich like chocolate.  I gave thanks.

Food and drink can change one’s mood immediately.

Blue Lion Coffee roasts their beans in very small batches.  They ship anywhere, including to a guy out in Oregon who gets fresh-roasted beans shipped monthly.  I ordered some of their Morning Thunder blend, Organic Mexican from the Highlands of Chiapas, and some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  I asked that it be sent to arrive to my house 2 weeks later, when I was to return from Costa Rica.

I got back and the coffee arrived the next day!  With the coffee was a book I had heard about but not yet read:  The Devil’s Cup.  Backstory:  While at the Blue Lion, the barista asked if I had read it, and when learning that I had not, he wrote it down on my receipt.   I was planning to pick up a copy sometime.  He took care of it for me!

Life can be so damn sweet!

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