Bringin’ Back the Fanny Pack

For local trail riding, I’ve lately been using a fanny pack I picked up a couple shakes of lamb’s tail shy of twenty mtbing years ago.  I strap it around my waist to hold a few things while out for an hour or so spin, sometimes when on the road too.

Remember back when fanny packs were used to hold keys, granola bars, a multi-tool, a patch kit and some cash?  I never was one for stuffing things in jersey back pockets.

It was a few weeks back when I had one of those “ah-hah” moments:  fanny pack.  I went up to the attic and dug it out of a box.  I got tired of strapping on a hydration pack for post-work unwinding.  It didn’t seem necessary.  I figured that if I had a major mechanical, I could walk, as my local after-office rides aren’t typically more than a twenty minute or maybe a one hour stroll from the car or house.

Anyway…I’m bringin’ back the fanny pack:

purty purple phlox

trail riding, nice april eve

post-ride beverage


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