We heard live music on the street while walking by, the thick stone walls not able to hold back the festive sounds.  At the entryway, we looked in and saw a couple dressed in traditional wear dancing on the bar.  The sound and the scene didn’t lead to any second-guessing.  We walked in and were quickly led up the stairs into the side room.  They had a table for us, the only gringos in the place.  Asking what I’d like to drink, I said, “A beer.”  When asked what kind, I said, “You pick.”

More traditionally-dressed dancers were having a good time.  Locals were as well, tubes of beer sitting on tables.  I was handed a shot of mezcal by my bride who was offered it from someone next to her.  Soon the dancers learned that my bride is a dancer and had her up there twirling around, complete with a large basket on her head conducting a traditional dance.  Spirits were way up.  La Farola, Oaxaca’s oldest bar, was a good time on a Friday night.

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