Oaxaca’s Oldest Bar

We heard live music on the street while walking by, the thick stone walls not able to hold back the festive sounds.  At the entryway, we looked in and saw a couple dressed in traditional wear dancing on the bar.  The sound and the scene didn’t lead to any second-guessing.  We walked in and were quickly led up the stairs into the side room.  They had a table for us, the only gringos in the place.  Asking what I’d like to drink, I said, “A beer.”  When asked what kind, I said, “You pick.”

More traditionally-dressed dancers were having a good time.  Locals were as well, tubes of beer sitting on tables.  I was handed a shot of mezcal by my bride who was offered it from someone next to her.  Soon the dancers learned that my bride is a dancer and had her up there twirling around, complete with a large basket on her head conducting a traditional dance.  Spirits were way up.  La Farola, Oaxaca’s oldest bar, was a good time on a Friday night.

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