Another Face of Oaxaca

On the south side of Oaxaca’s zocalo stands the old government palace.  The new government building is now located a 30-40 minute drive from downtown, a move made by the governor after the 2006 “teacher’s strike” that resulted in squashing the entrenched movement from downtown, which brought in world press coverage which then led to a decline in tourism.

Still, the old government palace is a place of protest for Oaxaquenos.  While international travelers like myself walk the streets of Oaxaca, where around every corner there is a photograph begging to be taken, the people who actually live in the state of Oaxaca are fighting for their human rights.  For seven straight days, Triqui women and men were camped out at the palace on the zocalo, bringing attention to their struggle and asking for a stop to police brutality in their villages and towns.


We are not of the left, We are not of the right, We are those from below, And we are rising up/moving towards the top/going to be those above


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