Stop Killing Women

There is no reason to “like” this post.  Instead of “liking” it, re-post it, pass it on, let others know what’s going on:  Women are being killed in Mexico, and other places in our world, for all kinds of so-called “reasons,” many of which are grounded in the fact that they are being killed simply because they are women.

Power.  Disrespect.  Machismo.  Misogyny.  Domination.  Sexism.  Patriarchy.  Inhumanity.  Hate Crime.  Violation of Human Rights.  Wrong.

International organizations, governments, non-governmental organizations, community groups and neighbors are working on this issue.  Mexico might have the spotlight, but it’s also on the rise in Guatemala and Honduras.

To learn more, go to:  (Spanish)

For English-only readers, Google around…there’s a lot out there. Try searching “femicide.”  Or, get started by going to: (English)  The focus is currently on Guatemala for this organization.

Outside of the Department of Foreign Relations, Mexico City

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