Why MTB?

To get far away from people for a while.

To get far away from people with other people (sometimes) that, without needing to express such, also want to get far away from people.

To see what’s around the next turn.

To surf the dirt.

To climb a mountain and ride down the other side…because.

To feel flow in your toes.

To be healthy.

To live.

To feel exhausted in every bone and muscle of the body.

To sleep well.

To better understand contour lines.

To better understand physical limitations.

To work harder to overcome some of those physical limitations.

To focus in the moment, so as to keep pedaling.

To experience the bio-chemical magic of being human when life’s whoas become less so as a result of solving problems whilst navigating a rock garden.

To see distant places of wondrous beauty.

To be here now.


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