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Ride the Endorphin High

Maybe it’s been the weather.  It’s mid-January, and in the past twelve hours we’ve gone from near dawn mid-50s temps with spring-like storms to snow showers and bitter cold after lunch.  Like that fluctuation, I’ve been bothered and not balanced.

Early this morning I woke to a wicked thunderstorm, complete with light show and loud booms.    On my mind was:  we dance and party in the street when we kill the top terrorist and others in the room, and we cry foul when the people kill the man that carried out evil on those same people that he ruled over, saying his human rights may have been violated.

That’s been on my mind for a while, and it won’t go away.

If it wasn’t so damn cold and windy, I’d get on my bike and go for a ride, knowing that after two hours in the saddle, my mind would likely be more at ease.  It’s an amazing thing, is the power of exercise and natural landscapes.  I’ll ride the exercise-in-Mother Nature endorphin high for as long as I can, if the weather is to my liking.

Peace out, I guess.

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